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Sesli Textiles



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About us

Today our story ,rooted in 1967 by Sesli Family coming from Nevşehir firstly started to produce woollen yarn in Uşak, continues in 3 plants located at 50.000 m2 area with around 400 staff. Our plants in its field are some of the biggest ones in Europe.


We will enrich OUR PARTNERS as a company which aims at economic stability, OUR CUSTOMERS as a preferable brand ,OUR FUTURE using natural resouces efficiently and OUR COUNTRY dischaging all our responsibilities.


Our vision is TO HAVE A SAY IN GLOBAL MARKET by manufacturing the products which we are proud of and those qualities are appreciated all over the world and TO BE A GLOBAL COMPANY that keeps the high level satisfaction of customers and staff and creates the developments, not tracks them.


Fabrikadan Halka

Dyeing House

In dyeing house acrylic, cotton, polyester fibres are dyed. Our capacity for acrylic quality is 30 tons per day. Our dyeing house is also outsourcer of some other companies.


In our confection department sewing machines’ brands are Juki and Pegasus which are the new technologic machines .Also in this department running with Eton conveyor system we increased our efficency to high level. In this line we can make swacth cutting, cloth spreading, coverstitching, overlock and fringe stitching.


After weaving,the products are raised and softened in this process. We have 9 coupled raising machines and 4 coupled scissors. Our raising line is suitable for cotton, synthetic and woollen fabrics.


In weaving department, we use cutting edge electronical jacquard and dobby looms such as Somet, Smit and Picanol. All our jacquard machines’ Brands are Staubli.


We produce open-end yarn intended for all kind requests of both knitting and weaving industry with our cutting edge machines. Different kinds of fibres dyed in our own dyeing house convert into high quality yarns in process of blend, card, drawframe, and open-end respectively.


5 Continent 50 Country


Sesli Tekstil which manufactured its products oriented to local market until 1990s begin to have a say in foreign markets with Sespa Ihracat ve Pazarlama A.S. established in 1993 in Istanbul. In early years we exported a few countries in Middle East and Europe, today the number of countries that we export our products exceed 50 from 5 continents.

Sespa, exhibitor of the most important fairs in the world, carries on its activities with both product and quality of service with having conscious of introduction our country and company. In recent years Sespa export to Middle East countries such as China where the competion is so intense and progress on the way to be a world brand.


Our standard products group

Cotton Blanket

Standard production of 450 g / m2 are made. Production can be done in different weights when the conditions are right. Production can be up to 8 colors. Our products are certified Ekoteks 100. 60% cotton - 35% acrylic - production is performed in 5% polyester content.

Plush Blanket

Production can be up to 8 colors. Our products are certified Ekoteks 100. 86% acrylic - 7% cotton - production is done in the context 7polyest%.

Scotch Blanket

Standard production of 380 g / m2 are made. Production can be up to 8 colors. Our products are certified Ekoteks 100. 60% cotton - 40% of the production is done in acrylic content.

Acrylic Rug

2 types are produced to be authentic and Multicolor. Production can be up to 8 colors. 1000-1100 g weight is in the form of square meters. 94% acrylic - 3% cotton - production is done in 3% polyester content.

Cotton Boucle Rug

1500 gr / m2 weight structure with pile rugs are our form curls. 70% cotton - % 30akrilik / polyester blends are made of.

Sonil Rugs

1500 gr / m2 weight textured chenille rugs are our. Polyester-blended polypropylene are manufactured.

Open-end Yarn

Although generally produced 100% acrylic, acrylic blends can be made of cotton. Production can be made between the NM10 nm2. 2 or 3-storey production is also possible.

Regenerated Yarn

Although usually produced as a cotton-polyester blends, cotton can be done in acrylic blends. What can be produced between 1.2 and Ne30. Torsion can be knitted or woven production.

Duvet Sheets Pike

100% cotton or cotton polyester blended linen and pike are produced. The tool kit is sold or single state.

Pillow Quilt

Microfiber or silicon production stuffed pillows and duvets are made of cotton fabric.

Hotel Textile

As a logo or in plain color blanket, blanket, duvet covers are produced.

2018 Local

2019 Export E-Catalog


Said for us

  • We attended to Heimtextil in Frankfurt, Germany which is the biggest fair in the world as Sesli Tekstil A.S. and Sespa A.S. With this fair on 8 th-11th January, we established new bussiness connections taking opportunity to present our new collection to our visitors coming from over 30 countries. Believing that we succesfully represrent our country togehter with other Turkish exhibitors.
  • We attended the Home Textile Fair organized in Istanbul CNR EXPO on 24-28 April 2018… We have met with our domestic and foreign customers in this fair.
  • We attended to Yarn fair on 14th -17th April 2018 in Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul and got opportunity to meet with yarn buyers from different countries. Our booth arouse interest because of that we offer to visitors the Regenerated Yarn in our product range which is one of the most interesting product in the fair.
  • "Be used easily from wherever he wants to take all the beautiful people of our country every product we produce because we opened our online sales sites. Everywhere also voiced the hope of our quality of our flag fluttering .. "


  • "Changing the world, as well as products for the rapid production of our online sales site in the fastest way to reach the consumer at your service."